Why Do We Study Asteroids?

Probably the most "glamorous" aspect of asteroid study is the Impact Hazard that Earth-crossing asteroids pose to Earth. This is enough of an attention getter to have inspired major motion pictures about the subject. Click on the image at right to find out more.

The amount of mineral wealth in the asteroids (and comets) is staggering. With some advances in spacecraft and robotic technology it could be profitable to mine these objects and use their resources on Earth. In the long term the asteroid (and comets) could serve as nearly limitless sources of raw materials for the colonization of space. Click the image at left to find out more. 

Most meteorites are pieces of asteroids knocked off during collisions. Consequently we have alway had numerous samples of these strange worlds. These objects record important events from the formation and development of the solar system. Click the image at right to find out more.